Urban Outfitters Jewelry Haul

A while ago I wrote a blog post about knuckle rings (blog post) and when I stopped by Urban Outfitters a couple days ago they had them!!!

I had been looking for knuckle rings in stores but I never seemed to find them so I immediately started to look at what types they had.  They had a couple gold ones but since I like silver, I ended up getting the two silver rings.

You could wear them as a knuckle ring, but also as a pinkie ring:)

They were both $6! (I thought that was pretty cheap for Urban Outfitters)

And I also got this claw/talon earring.  I had also seen these on etsy too and I loved how the back part wraps around your ear.  I didn't see these in silver so I got the gold.  This was $14.

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchases:)

The rings are different and unique and I plan to wear them a lot.
The only problem I have with buying cheap rings is that sometimes they start to rust? or tarnish? so hopefully these rings don't.  So far they're okay though.


  1. Cute rings!
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    1. thank you for the comment!
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