Photo Editing Apps - Android Phone

One perk of having a smart phone is probably the fact that my camera quality increased by at least ten times. haha 
and with that, I've been using some editing apps to make my pictures more artsy :D 

I have an android phone so I don't know if some of these apps will be available to iPhone users, but here are a couple apps that I've been using. (And they're free!)

This app lets you crop your pictures into different shapes.  I'd seen pictures that are cropped into heart shapes on instagram and I loved that so I looked for an app that would let me do that for free.  They have a lot of different shapes, but I only use the circle and the heart most of the time.

This app lets you do pretty much everything.  There are so many light effects, film effects, frames.  You can also adjust the sharpness, add blurriness, crop pictures.  They also have ways to fix blemishes, you can add "makeup" on to your face.  I added blush on the picture above. They also have stamps that you can use too.

I've had this app for the longest time.  I had an iTouch before I got my smart phone, and I would edit my pictures with this app the most.  Again, this app has so many photo effects you can choose from, I get really indecisive trying to choose one. haha

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