So this isn't going to be a makeup related post but I wanted to make a post about my tumblr.  I've been using tumblr for about 2 years(?) now and pretty much everything I reblog is makeup or fashion related.  I rarely make any written posts on my tumblr and its almost all pictures, so it's a completely different format from this blog.  Everything that I post of tumblr is something that I like/am inspired by so if you guys want to take a look you can click the link below or you can click the link in the title bar labeled tumblr.



I hope you guys like my tumblr and let me know if you have one so I can follow you! :)


p.s. My tumblr title is madetorder which comes from the very first MAC lip stick that I bought. Made to Order is a lustre finish lipstick from the pret-a-papier collection :)  And it's one of my favorite lip sticks, I don't want to use it up since you can't buy it any more :(

p.s. tumblrのタイトルは"madetorder"で、私が初めて買ったMACの口紅の名前からきてるんです♪口紅はMade to Order、lustre finishでPret-a-Papierコレクションの限定品です。私の口紅コレクションの中でもお気に入りで、もう発売されていないから、なくならないように使ってますww

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