Ikea Trip

Last Monday I went to IKEA with my family.

IKEA showrooms are always so pretty and inspiring, it makes me want to redecorate my whole room (if I could) haha

I took a couple (A LOT) of pictures of things I liked so here they are:
*warning: super pic heavy*

I like the storage beneath the bed, and how everything is white based.
Another white based room, maybe one day I can buy one of these white leather sofas ><
Here's a close up of the sofa

I wish I could have a room where I have glass cabinets against an entire wall.

A lot of youtube makeup guru's store their makeup in the ALEX storage compartments (the white one of the right) I wish I had room to put one of these in my room.

Kitchen - Love the bar stools and how white and modern everything looks.

My brother sitting in the clear plastic chair.  I really like the glass table and clear chair combination.  

Bed Frame #1 - I really really like this one.  It looks so girly and it fits the style of the other pieces of furniture I have in my room right now.

Bed Frame #2 - The pink covers are a little bit too girly for me, but I also love the frame on this one.

I wish I had this >_<
Probably my favorite piece that I saw today, a vanity!!!!! :D
I LOVE the mirror and how the legs are shaped. 

A cute little picture frame that goes with the bed frame and vanity table :D

Accent vases - they had a lot of different vases and candle holders.
A simple glass cupcake holder - but you could use it to display your jewelry or even makeup.

 And finally, what I bought today....
a desk chair: the LILLHOJDEN (no idea how to pronounce this)
It was super easy to make, literally took me about 10 min.
It's super comfy and the white matches my room:) 
Hopefully it doesn't get dirty, you can wash the covers though.

 Whenever I go to IKEA, I always just want to live in their show rooms. haha
One day, I'm going to decorate my apartment or house to make it look like an IKEA showroom! :D hahaha

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