I finally took off my China Glaze flip flop fantasy nail polish and decided to paint my nails with Zoya's Neely nail polish. I got this in my May ipsy glam bag, and I loved the color.

This was also my first Zoya polish. The brush was okay, nothing too spectacular, not too flimsy. The polish was very opaque, even though this was a really light color, I got the opacity that I wanted with 3 light coats.

The only thing that I thought was weird with this polish was when I painted my nails, the polish had little air bubbles in it. That had never happened to me before....but I painted over them again and they disappeared. weird...haha

 Here's a picture of my nails with just Neely:

And here's a picture after I added some sparkles to my nails:

Silver Polish: from Hot Topic a loooong time ago, I'm sure they still sell silver polish though.

Sparkle-y Polish: Essie Set in Stones.  I love how there are different sized glitter particles in this.

I was inspired by this picture on pinterest, I wouldn't even call this nail art because its so simple, but here's the original picture I was inspired by:
(*this isn't my photo, I just found it on pinterest)

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