Deep Cleaning Makeup Brushes

One thing that I get lazy about doing: washing makeup brushes
I know you are supposed to spot clean them after each use and deep clean at least once a week(?) since brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria.
But in all honesty....I probably don't wash my brushes enough :/

I knew I had been slacking on washing my brushes so I finally cleaned them today! haha So here's a post about how I wash my brushes.



I use these two products: 
  • a puff/sponge cleaner that I got from Japan (Daiso 100yen store)
    ダイソーで買ったpuff/sponge detergent、これつけると汚れが即落ちる!!パフ・スポンジ用って書いてるけど、ブラシにも使ってて、本当にすぐ汚れが落ちるし、泡立てやすいからこれがなくなったら絶対また買うつもり!
  • Johnson's Baby Shampoo ($1 at Target)
The puff/sponge cleaner from Daiso is AMAZING. I use it on my brushes too and it washes out the makeup that is on the brush.  It lathers very well too.  I know that there are Daiso stores in some places around the U.S. so I'd check if they sell this product there.

I've been using baby shampoo to clean my brushes for the longest time (before the Daiso cleaner) because its gentle on the brushes and it gets the job done.  The only problem I have with this is trying to get gel eyeliner off of my eyeliner brushes.  Gel eyeliner clumps when it dries so it takes a couple washes to get it clean with the baby shampoo.

Here are my brushes all neatly lined up to be dried. I let my brushes air dry so it takes about one full day until most of my brushes are dry (especially my face brushes since they are more dense).  And yes, I am using a Forever 21 bag to dry my brushes on because I laid the brushes on the carpet and I didn't want the carpet to get wet. haha

そして上の写真はブラシ・パフを洗った後、乾燥中。いつも空気乾燥だから完全に乾くまで大体丸一日くらいかかるかな。そして、Forever 21の袋は水が床にしみこまない用(笑)

One thing that I am always careful about when washing brushes is the direction you are washing them.  Always point the brush head down so the water doesn't run into the brush head.  This can loosen the glue on the brush head.  This goes for when you are drying your brushes too.  I used markers so that the brush handles are propped up so the water flows toward the brush head.  


I found a really good brush cleaning article from the Beauty Department so here's a link if you want to check that out too.
そして、Beauty Departmentっていうブログにも色々ブラシの洗い方とか書いてたから、もし、もっと詳しい情報を知りたかったら、下のリンクを押してください♪


  1. I've been looking for the sponge cleaner by Daiso but I don't think they carry it in the states! Definitely something I've been looking to pick up!

    1. I wish I had a Daiso by me, but I think I will have to ask someone in Japan to pick it up for me. I wish they sold it in the U.S. though :/

  2. Wow, you have a lot of brushes! <3 I'm really lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes as well, haha. but when i do, I also use baby shampoo. Inexpensive and gets the job done ^^

    P.S. - I followed you on bloglovin dear, i hope you can return the favor :)

    Dawn @

    1. thank you for following :)

      I just checked out your blog and I love it, I'm following!