Current Wristlet/Wallet - Vera Bradley All in One Wristlet

One thing that is always in my bag is this Vera Bradley All in One Wristlet.  I use this instead of a wallet since I can carry this around easily even when I don't have a purse.
This pattern is "Make me Blush" (April 2010 - June 2011)

I got this when I was in high school, and it's been holding up really well.  (about 2-3 years ago?) It's gotten a bit dirty around the edges, but other than that, no other problems :)

Sometimes people think that the background color of my wristlet used to be white and it got dirty, but the light grey/brown color is what it's supposed to be.  haha

The pattern that I have has been discontinued, but the general shape of these wristlets are still the same.  They have a clear pocket in the front for your ID, a back pocket for your cell phone (my friend has an iPhone 5 and that fit perfectly, but my phone is too bulky.  Another side note, my friend doesn't have a case on his iPhone, so if you have a bulky case your phone may not fit).  On the inside there is a pocket for change with a zipper, and on the other side 4 card slots and a pocket for cash/receipts/what ever you want to put.

Dimensions: 3" x 5 ¼" ¾" - 6" wrist strap

My mom bought me mine and I think it was $36.00
Here's a link to the Vera Bradley website if you want to see the patterns that they have now and their pricing: all in one wristlet

Overall, I love this wristlet, definitely worth the price.  I think this wristlet is perfect for everyday use, If I don't feel like carrying a purse I can just slip it into my pocket or wear it around my wrist, and if I do carry a purse, it fits easily into my purses.  There are only 4 card slots, but I can fit about 3 cards into one card slot so I don't have a problem with running out of card slots.  

If you guys have any other questions, let me know and I'd love to answer them!

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