Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss

These lip glosses have been a part of the Revlon product line for a loooong time.  haha
I think the first lip gloss that I ever bought was a glittery pink color from the Super Lustrous Lip gloss line.  I don't have that one now, but it was one of my favorites:)

The three colors I own right now are:
L to R: Pink Whisper, Cherries in the Glow, Firecracker

Pink Whisper and Cherries in the Glow are really really old. haha Firecracker was a newer color that I got.  I don't think they sell Cherries in the Glow anymore, Pink Whisper is still a part of the line.

The price of these can range, if you get them at a drugstore they're more expensive.  Since I don't remember the exact prices I paid for these, I looked up some prices.  At Target, these are $5.94, $7.49 at Walgreens.

  • cute and simple packaging - this is what originally drew me in. Not too big and you can easily carry this around.
  • I like the applicator, simple doe foot applicator

  • the smell doesn't bother me - and I'm super picky with scents.  I can't identify what this smells like, but nothing floral-y or sweet.
  • doesn't taste like anything. I don't like lip glosses that taste sweet and these glosses have no taste:)
  • very glossy finish
  • SPF 15
  • super sticky - I guess this could be a pro because this gloss does give you a lot of moisture but that's because its sticky.
  • applies thick - this goes with the sticky-ness but usually when I put this on, I get a thick layer of gloss and I have to spread it out.  It's not a big problem but some people may not like it.

Here are the swatches:
L to R: Pink Whisper, Cherries in the Glow, Firecracker
Pink Whisper shows up as a pale pink in the swatch, but on my lips it's more of a light wash of color.  Cherries in the Glow and Firecracker both add some color to my lips.  Nothing too pigmented, but I can use these without lipstick.

Overall, I like these glosses.  They're probably one of my favorite lip glosses from the drugstore.  I like to use these when I want a really glossy look on my lips.  Since these aren't too pigmented, they can be easily layered on top of a lipstick too.    I don't mind sticky glosses (I know some people hate them) so I like how moisturizing these are.  I think they're worth the price especially if you can get them at Target.  

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