Ettusais Lip Essences

I mentioned the Ettusais Lip Essence lip balm/gloss in my everyday makeup bag post, but I wanted to do a more in-depth review of these since these are one of my favorite lip balm/glosses. I own two, the light pink tube is the original and the red tube was a limited edition red tinted version.

今日のレビューはこの前の「化粧ポーチの中身」の記事で紹介した、エテュセ ・リップエッセンスaについてです♪二種類持ってて、薄いピンクのがオリジナルで、赤いのが限定品の赤リップエッセンスです。

These are really popular in Japan.  There's a cosmetic review website in Japan called "@cosme" and people rank different products and these lip balms have been classified as a "hall of fame" product.

comes with 10g of product
Before I rave about how I love these,these lip products are a Japanese product so they might be hard to get in the U.S./expensive in the U.S. >_<

I bought mine in Japan last summer and I've been obsessed ever since.  These are my go-to lip products when my lips are dry.  I can't decide if I should call these a gloss or balm because they have a glossy finish, but they also moisturize your lips.

You can buy these online for $32.39  (amazon link) which is super expensive compared to the price in Japan which is 1,200 yen (about $12.00)
I hope that you can find these in Asian cosmetic shops? I don't live by any Asian stores that sell a lot of Asian brand cosmetics so I can't say :/


  • Easy to apply - the applicator is pretty much the same as any tube lipgloss applicator. 塗るのがすっごく簡単。普通のチューブタイプグロスと同じパッケージ。

  • SUPER moisturizing - these really help with my dry lips, it's moisturizing when you put it on, but after you apply these, the gloss leaves your lips moisturized for a long time. 保湿力が半端じゃない!!!笑 唇がすごく乾燥する私でも付けてから潤い感が続く♪ツヤ感がなくなっても唇は潤ってる。
  • Doubles as lip gloss and balm - these have a really glossy finish you could use these as a gloss.  The red one does leave a red tint on your lips. グロスとしても使えるくらいツヤ感がでるし、赤いのはそのままつけて色もつくからリップ・カラーとしても使えるよ。
  • SPF 18 PA++ (I don't know what PA ++ means, but SPF is always good!) SPF18入り、PA++の意味は分からないけど、多分いいんだと思う。
  • No scent or taste 無香料
  • A little bit goes a long way -  I've had the original tube for a while now and even though I use it often, I think I still have about a quarter of the product left. ちょっと付けただけで大丈夫!そんなにいっぱい塗らなくてもいいから、すぐなくならない。
  • These aren't super sticky, the ettusais jelly glosses are sticky but unless you pile on the gloss these don't give you a really sticky feeling. 同じエテュセのjelly lipと比べるとべたつきが少ない。
  • I can't think of any :D 今のところないです♪

Left: clear透明, Right: red赤

When these two run out, I will definitely go and buy another tube - that's how much I love these!! Definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for a good balm/gloss.  I wouldn't want to spend around $30 on these though (these are a Japanese "drugstore" brand lip product so paying $30 would be close to buying a high end lip product ><), so I would recommend to people that can buy them for cheaper.


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