Ipsy Glam Bag - May 2013

My May Glam Bag arrived 2 days ago so here's a review of the things I got in my bag.
The theme of this month's bag was Spring Fling and the makeup bag that came with the products had a cute blue, turquoise, orange, white zig-zag pattern on it.

I thought that this month's bag was more flimsy and the quality wasn't as good as the one from last month.  I still think it's cute though so I think I'll switch out the makeup bag I'm using now and use this one for this month:)

Onto the products:

1.  A full size Zoya Nail Polish!!!
I was so excited when I opened up my bag.  The color I got was Neely, a light pastel green color.  I haven't used it yet, but I painted my mom's toenails with this color yesterday and I only needed 2 coats to get the color opaque enough and no streaky-ness! I'm definitely using this once my current nail polish starts to chip off.

2. NU・ME Finishing Serum
I had never seen this before but I was just looking for an alternative to the Macadamia Nut Healing Oil Treatment so I'm excited to try this out.  I love how even though it's a sample size the bottle comes with a dropper unlike some other oils.  I think I'll like it better than the Macadamia Healing Oil since the smell isn't strong at all.  I didn't like the smell of the Macadamia one so I had a hard time trying to use it all up.

3. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss
The full size is $15 with .28 fl oz, the lip gloss that came in the bag was .14 fl oz so its a sample size even though it doesn't look like a sample size to me.  I got the color pink. The lip gloss has a very citrus-y scent to it but the scent fades.  Even though the color is called pink I think its a little bit darker  than what I expected.  The sparkles are so pretty though.  

Here's a swatch of the lip gloss and the concealer: (the concealer swatch is a little hard to see ><)

4. Yaby Cosmetics Concealer Refill
$4.85 for the full size. I can't tell if the refill I got is a sample or not...It just came in a plastic container.  I got the color cc013 vanilla and I think it is a good shade for using it for my undereye circles.  I swatched it onto the back of my hand and it was creamy and smooth but I haven't used it yet, so I can't really say much. (swatch above)

5.  Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-on
0.33 fl oz / 10 ml - The roller ball on the Pacifica website retails for $12 for 0.33 fl oz, so this is the full size roller ball perfume :) Since I'm not too good at describing scents here's a description from the website "Inspired by the unique magic of Tahitian vanilla, this sensual blend sets sweet and sultry vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea. "  I'm not a huge fan of vanilla-y scents and I think this one smells nice, but its not my type of everyday perfume - too sweet smelling.

Also, there was a NuMe coupon - $110 off Hair Styling Tools and Hair Extensions + Free Thermal Pouch with Purchase!!!
I  looked that their website and since I'm looking for a clipless curling iron I was looking at how much those were and the price range was $150-$160 so this coupon is definitely worth using! 

And here's a picture of the brands that were in this month's Glam Bag.  You get 5 products but the product choices are customized by Ipsy so some of the brands weren't included in my bag.

Overall, I like this month's glambag more than last months.  The full size Zoya polish, Nume hair oil and the lip gloss were my favorite products.  For $10 I definitely think Ipsy is a great subscription service.  The only thing I wish they did was to include a card that told us what each product was and the pricing, like glossybox does.  

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