KATE gel eyeliner

I think I'm on an eyeliner reviewing streak this week. haha
Today's review is on a Japanese product, KATE gel eye liner in BK-1

KATEのラスティングジェルアイライナーN BK-1
2.5 g
1,500 yen (1,575 yen with tax)
It also comes with a eyeliner brush (not pictured)


I've used quite a bit but I haven't hit the bottom yet ><

I don't use the eyeliner brush that it comes with.  It is a pretty good brush, but I don't know where it went so I use my elf eyeliner brush.
専用の筆をなくしちゃって・・・elf eyeliner brushを使ってる

VERY long lasting!!
After the eyeliner set, I tried to scrub it off but it didn't budge at all!
But don't worry it comes right off with makeup remover.

This is actually the second time I purchased this eyeliner - that's how much I love it! The best thing about this eyeliner is how long lasting it is.  It doesn't fade, smudge, smear for me after its dry.  It's also super dark, very pigmented, and for a Japanese drugstore brand eyeliner, it's not that expensive.  
I know some people don't use gel eyeliners because you have to use a brush, but it's really not that complicated.  The only thing I find annoying about gel eyeliners is washing the eyeliner brush. haha
I tried to look for this eyeliner in brown last time I was in Japan but I don't think they make it. (they should!!) But if anyone knows a good long lasting brown gel eyeliner, let me know! 



  1. I love KATE products. They're always pretty good quality! This use to be my all time favorite eyeliner but it always dried out before I finished it and it seemed like such a waste. :( The color is always perfectly black though so now I want to repurchase! Your post kind of rekindled my love for it. XD

    1. I don't own too many other KATE products, so hopefully I can pick more up next time I'm in Japan >< I want to try some of their eye shadows.
      I do feel like mine is getting a little dry, but I can still use mine. haha
      I agree that this is a perfectly black eyeliner though, it's amazing:D