Knuckle Rings

I saw pictures of knuckle rings on tumblr a while ago, but recently I'm seeing them pop up again. I wasn't really interested in them before but now I'm a little intrigued. I don't own one so I don't know if I'll like how they look on me or if they are comfortable to wear but I think they look kinda cute.

I haven't seen these rings sold at the stores I normally shop at (I guess you could just buy rings in a smaller size). But I've seen many people on etsy are selling them.  

Here are some links and pictures (I don't own these pictures, these were taken from the etsy stores which are linked below each picture):



 As you could probably tell from the pictures, I'm liking the chevron design :)

What do you guys think of these rings? Cute? Weird? Haha

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