Elf Eyeshadow Primer

Back when I was starting to get into wearing a lot of eye shadow, I realized that I didn't have a eye shadow primer. I saw many people using the urban decay primer potion or the too faced shadow insurance but since I was just starting out, I wanted to get a cheap primer. And this eye shadow primer is exactly that.
 Its the elf eyelid primer its from the normal elf line so it's $1. I got mine at target but you might be able to pick this up at the dollar store too.

Even though I've pretty much used up this primer, I'm no really sure how I feel about it. Haha

My eyelids aren't that oily so I normally don't experience too much creasing with eye shadows in general. And using this, I didn't experience any creasing. This did create a smooth base for my shadows. So I say it does the job! (at least for me)

 But, since I don't experience creasing regularly, I can't say that everyone will get the same results. If you're like me and normally don't have much creasing, this will work for you:)

As for keeping eye shadow colors vibrant, I didn't really notice thus primer making the shadows more vibrant.

It comes with a felt tip applicator, like a lip gloss. The primer itself looks skin colored, but it blends into your skin and becomes clear.

 Overall, I might repurchase....?

I currently have the too faced shadow insurance and the urban decay primer potion so I need to use those up first. If I don't notice much of a difference using the more expensive primers, I will definitely repurchase this.

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