Wavy Hair

First hair post!!
Recently I've been obsessed with having loose wavy hair, so here it is.
I used to really like having structured curls but lately I've been doing messy waves because its so much more easier anyways. I wish my hair was longer though...I'm in the process of growing it out.

Here's another shot. My hair looks pretty damaged in it:/
And since I took this picture in the bathroom with a yellow-ish light, my hair looks extra light. It really isn't though, normally it looks dark brown.


I use a 1.5in curling iron to create loose waves.  I wrap each section in alternating ways so that the curls aren't all the same. And, I also think that the curls last longer in second day hair too. Plus you get more volume with second day hair + dry shampoo.  (I think I'll do a post on dry shampoos later. Anyways,
 I use the Remington Style 1 1/2” Instant Curls Curling Iron.
About $30 at Walmart(?) I think. 

私が使ってるコテはRemington Style 1 1/2” Instant Curls Curling Iron。

If you have any questions I'd love to answer them :)



  1. Wow! your hair looks so pretty curled!! I love your hair color by the way!
    I was just curious at how you got your hair to stay curled because I have that difficulty with my stick straight asian hair haha!

    I Follow you now by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

    1. Hi:)

      Thank you so much for following me! You're my first follower, so I'm excited!! haha
      Your blog is amazing! I'm following you now:)

      And thank you for the comment as well! I also have naturally straight hair so it doesn't like to curl but it helps if you use some sort of wave enhancing or scrunching spray after you curl your hair. Or use a flexible hair spray and spray pieces right after you curl. It also helps to hold the curl that you just curled in your hand for a couple seconds after curling it, so the curl cools in your hand (does that make sense? I'm kind of bad at explaining... ><). My curls last longer in second day hair too. (dry shampoo + second day hair gives your hair more texture so the curls last). In the pictures above I had second day hair + dry shampoo + a little bit of wave enhancing spray.

      I hope this helped, at least a little bit? :)