Elf Studio Powder Blushes

I mentioned a little bit about the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer Palette in my blog post about NARS blushes, but I didn't go into too much detail...so here's a more detailed review.

Elf (eyes lips face) is a very cheap cosmetic brand with all types of products. The normal price is usually $1 a product but the studio line is $3. I think you can only buy elf at target or online. So I usually buy everything elf at target.  I haven't tried everything but some of their cosmetics are pretty good for the price. Especially they're studio line brushes and blushes.

These blushes come in sturdy black plastic packaging with a clear window on the front so you can see the color as well as a small mirror on the inside.  The packaging design and size is somewhat similar to the NARS blushes, but it doesn't have the same rubber-y feel to it.

So for the blushes, I own 3 shades:
Candid Coral (above): a light orange shade with a metallic sheen - my least favorite because of the lack of color payoff on my skin-tone and it seems to be the most chalky
Mellow Mauve (above): a slightly deep rose color (matte)
Pink Passion (above): bright pink in the pan but gives you a nice flushed "just out in the cold" kind of color (matte) - my favorite, I don't own any other blushes like this one.

I also own the contouring blush and bronzing palette (above) which is also $3. This palette I don't use much. The blush is super glittery and overly chalky and the bronzer isn't the right color for me and its glittery too (I prefer matte bronzers). So if you are going to buy elf blushes I would just stick with the singles.
The swatches in order (left to right): candid coral, mellow mauve, pink passion, blush side of contouring palette, bronzer side of the contouring palette

Overall the single blushes are great. I like the matte ones better though. I saw a swatch of fuscia fusion and that was packed with glitter. (something I don't like too much in a blush) Keep in mind that they are a little chalky but for the price you pay they are great blushes.

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