Ettusais Jelly Gloss

I think this is going to be my first Japanese product review.

I picked up these glosses while I was in Japan last summer.  Like I said in my Dior lip maximizer review, while I was in Japan I checked out what was popular in magazines and I saw that these glosses had a pretty good rating too.

These are the Ettusais Jelly Glosses

From the Ettusais website,
Plump lips with moisture, while conditioning it with jojoba oil without leaving a greasy feeling.
Each tube has 5g of product. The interesting thing about these glosses are the applicators.  The tips are actually like spatulas.  They're not the typical doe foot applicator but they are flimsy plastic.  These were the first glosses that I've tried with applicators like that so it was a little weird...and that made the gloss a little hard to apply. (above right picture)

On the Ettusais website they retail for $25 but in Japan I bought them for 1365円(yen).

I own 2 out of the 15 shades.  Out of all the glosses I think the two that I bought are the ones that don't have any shimmer/glitter in them.  I swatched some of the other colors in the store and they were very glittery.  I usually stay away from super glittery lip glosses so I naturally gravitated toward these two.

RD1 (above left): In the tube it definitely looks like a bright red, but when you have it on its actually almost like a sheer pink.
PK4 (above right) : I think the pink blends into my lips and it just gives me more of a clear gloss look.
In both pictures I don't have anything on my lips besides the gloss.

  • gives you VERY glossy looking lips
  • the two colors that I have have no glitter in them
  • moisturizing
  • pretty long lasting for a gloss (but that means they are sticky)
  • these are probably the most sticky glosses in my collection - not a greasy feeling but sticky for sure. 
  • These aren't very pigmented, both look very bright in the tube, but when applied they are more clear with a sheer tint of color (see the pictures above)
  • spatula applicator is a little hard to use - sometimes I get too much product.
Overall, I like these glosses.  They have a longer wear time than my other glosses (partially because they are sticky) but I actually don't mind the sticky-ness too much.  If you're a person that hates sticky glosses, these aren't for you.  They are very moisturizing and as they wear off during the day they don't leave weird traces on your lips.  I don't think I would buy the glittery ones though, so for now I think I'll just stick with these two. 

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