mini makeup haul

Last week I stopped by Walmart to try to pick up some of the Flower cosmetics by Drew Barrymore but I couldn't find any....

So instead I picked up the glamoflauge concealer.  I was always a little curious about this since I've heard many reviews about the thick consistency of this concealer.  And since you can only buy hard candy in stores at Walmart, I picked one up. I'm planning on doing a more in-depth blog post later, but this concealer is thick. Its nothing like the other concealers I've used in the past.

I also picked up the salon perfect perfectly natural lashes in 53 black.  These were really cheap, around $2.50 I think.  These looked pretty natural so I wanted to give them a try. I already wore them on Friday and they were really comfortable plus they have a clear band so they looked really natural.  Maybe I'll start posting FOTD pictures? They do flare out at the ends so I might cut them a little though.

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