Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium

Eyebrows are pretty important when you do your makeup - they can really change how you look.  Flatter and thicker brows give you more of a youthful look while arched and thinner brows give you a more sophisticated older look.  I used to only use powder to fill in my brows, but I was curious about how eyebrow wax worked. So before I went out and bought something expensive, I decided to try out a cheaper alternative.

This is the Elf Eyebrow Kit (Medium):
It's part of the studio line cosmetics so it retails for $3.  It also comes in 4 different shades: light, medium, dark and ash. Inside, it comes with a dual ended applicator which has an end for the powder and the wax.  (picture below: wax on the left, powder on the right).
Swatches of the color: powder is on top and the wax is on the bottom.
I actually enjoy using the wax for my brows.  As you can see in the second picture, I've used up more wax than powder.  I think the wax makes it easier to draw more precise lines.  Usually I use the wax to create the general shape I want and then fill my brows in with the powder.  The wax also helps your hairs stay in place. Both the powder and wax are pigmented so you don't need to apply this product multiple times to fill in your brows.

I don't notice my brows fading throughout the day, so it is relatively long wearing. I don't know about how waterproof it is though. 

The packaging is compact and sturdy so it is easy to take with you. The only complaint I have about this product would be the applicator inside.  The quality doesn't compare to some of the other brushes that are included in eyebrow kits.  But, it is usable, so I keep it inside for when I travel.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.  I've used this for at least for a couple months and I've barely made a dent in the wax so I think it'll take me a while to finish, but I would consider repurchasing this.  

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