Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Until last year I had never used bronzer before. My reasoning was that I didn't want to look too tan (since I already am somewhat tan) BUT I've realized that bronzer isn't just for faking a tan glow, it can be used to contour your face. It makes a difference! I didn't want to use any shimmery bronzers for contouring so I picked up Benefit's Hoola Bronzer.

It retails for about $28 at Sephora. There is a brush that comes with the box but I don't know where mine I couldn't take a picture of it.  I did think it was a usable brush unlike some of the brushes that come with other products.

  • completely matte bronzer (#1 reason why I love this so much)
  • compact and easy to carry - it comes with a usable brush (not the flimsy kind)
  • smooth and pigmented
  • doesn't make your skin look muddy or give you a fake looking orange-ness
  • I've been using this for the past year or so to contour everyday I wear makeup but I just hit pan yet - so long lasting, definitely get your money's worth
  • price?
  • I also don't know if Hoola is going to be a universally flattering bronzer on everyone. I'd suggest swatching it at a store and see if it's the right color for you.

Overall, I would repurchase this when I finish it. I haven't found any drugstore bronzers that are as good as this one or are the right shade for me. I'm planning on doing a post later about bronzers that didn't work out for me at the drugstore so I'll probably ramble on in that post about how some bronzers aren't the right shade etc. Contouring definitely makes a difference so try to find a bronzer that works for you!

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