Makeup Bag - Overnight

 This is going to be a short post, but it's about my makeup bag for overnight stays/trips.  I had just stayed over at someone's place and when I was unpacking I thought that this might be something interesting to post on my blog so I took a quick picture. haha

As you can see...I am an over-packer. Especially when it comes to makeup.  Even though I just stayed for one day, I packed three different lip colors...and a couple eyeliner pencils and two types of concealers...and much much more.
You can imagine what my makeup bag looks like when I go on vacation. haha

The bag that I'm using right now came with a magazine that I bought in Japan. I think it was non-no. It's the perfect size and it has pockets on the inside so it's also very convenient.  But, a shimmery brown eye shadow broke inside this bag so the inside looks kind of gross. Regardless, I continue to use it. haha

If you guys have any detailed questions about what I bring, I'll be happy to answer any questions :)

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