MSH Love Liner Liquid in Noble Brown (Eyeliner)

This is another Japanese product review.
But this time its about an eyeliner that I love!! I also bought this in Japan last summer but I just started using it at the beginning of January. But I've been loving this eyeliner a lot. I'm pretty sure I've been using this everyday when I wear makeup.
There are 2 shades, and I own shade "noble brown"  (the other is rich black) I had already bought a black liquid eyeliner from a different brand  review coming later) so I chose brown. Plus brown eyeliner gives you a more softer effect.
I can't say enough good things about this. I really can't think of cons besides the fact that it is a little pricey for a drugstore brand eyeliner. Price:1,680円 (yen)


  • Doesn't skip or erase the line that you already drew on when you go over the line
  • Packaging is so cute and sleek - the cap is very secure
  • Has a very sharp tip so you can easily draw any kind of line
  • Not a felt tip - its like a paint brush tip so it has bristles
  • Brown pigmentation is great - sometimes brown liners can be too light but this one you can build up the color


  • can't think of any :)

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great eyeliner. I use this the most to draw the "winged" part of my eyeliner. I've used a couple brown liquid liners in the past but this is the best so far. The last brown liner that I had was the candy doll one. But that started to dry out fast and started to "skip" lines as time went on. Buy the love liner liquid eyeliner if you're looking for a good liquid eyeliner!

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