Revlon Matte Top Coat Nail Polish

I think this is my first nail polish post, and it is going to be about Revlon's Matte topcoat! (790)


I picked this up randomly a couple days ago and I fell in love when I painted my nails. I had never tried the matte nail polish look so I had no idea what to expect....but now that I've tried it though....I just wish I tried it out sooner!! I love glossy looking nails but matte gives a completely different look to the color and it makes the color "softer" (if that makes sense).  
This also makes your nails so smooth :)


I bought mine for about $3 (?) at Giant Eagle (they were having a $1 off Revlon nail polish sale or something) but you can also get this for $4.99 at Ulta. The bottle is the typical Revlon nail polish bottle and the brush is on the thinner side. Similar to Essie brushes. It wasn't hard to apply but I prefer thicker flat brushes - I think those are the easiest to apply.

私はGiant Eagleというスーパーで買いました。でも、インターネットでも買えると思います。値段は大体$4.99だそうです。私はちょうどセールの時買ったので$3くらいで買えました♪

So here's a picture of my matte nails for now. I used Sally Hansen's insta-dri polish in petal pusher 105 underneath. (Probably like 5 coats to get it this opaque....) And just one coat of the Revlon topcoat.

今回トップコートの下に塗った色はSally Hansen の petal pusher 105でした。Sally Hansenのは5回くらい重ね塗りしないと濃く見えませんでした・・・。

One thing to be careful about - the matte finish makes it seem like your nails are dry pretty fast but beware of the smushing....if you press your nail against a hard surface, the nail polish does smush and move around. 


I've already decided what type of manicure I'm going to do after these matte nails.  I want to try the reverse French tip matte nail art. So the tip is the glossy color and the bottom half of the French is matte. I'll post a picture when I get around to doing that but for now I'm going to just post an example picture.


Overall, I love this matte top coat! I don't know the exact wear time of this but I've had it on for about 3 days so far and I haven't had any chips.  I have also seen other brands make mattifying top coats so you could check out some other brands as well and see if the brand you like makes a matte top coat (ex. Orly, Essie, NYC, Sephora by OPI).  I think the matte nail look is very interesting and is perfect to change up your normal manicure look :)



  1. That is a very nice color! I have never tried matte before! I have seem my friends with matte polish all the time, but I have never tried it for myself!

    1. You should definitely check it out! My friends had matte polish too...and I was never that interested, but now that I actually have it on my nails, I love it!! haha