Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters

Review #1! 
Three blog posts in one day…haha I’m definitely procrastinating on stats annnnd I’m just in a blogging mood today. i guess?
For my first review I decided to pick one of my favorite lip products from the drugstore. 

The Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters.
Before I write my review, this is the description from the Revlon website:
- Buttery Balm + Shiny Color
- Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated. -Award winning.
- Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
- Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
- Available in 20 luscious shades
These are the colors that I own: (in order from left to right on both pictures)
001 Pink Truffle: muted pink
015 Tutti Frutti: bright orange (summer color, more below)
025 Peach Parfait: sparkly light pink (very glittery, read below)
030 Fig Jam: brown…but read below. (my favorite)
035 Candy Apple: bright red (but wearable)
040 Red Velvet: dark red (winter color, maybe holiday season?)
075 Lollipop: bright fuschia pink with a little bit of glitter (probably my least favorite and most unused since its a little hard to pull off, its really pigmented and I don’t think it really matches my asian skin-tone)
I don’t remember when I picked up my first lipbutter but I started off with Candy Apple.  I wanted a sheer red lipcolor that didn’t look too crazy for everyday wear.  And then I liked the formulas so much they just started to accumulate.

  • very creamy texture
  • gives you a little bit of sheen, not like a gloss but more than a lipstick
  • colors are very wearable, buildable color
  • not drying on the lips
  • perfect for everyday wear - not a lipgloss & not a lipstick
  • you can’t really use these instead of a lip balm, they’re not that moisturizing, even though I guess they’re supposed to boost your lip moisture “by 156%” (where do they come up with these numbers anyways?)
  • the color isn’t long lasting, you have to reapply
  • if you leave them outside (maybe in your car on a hot day or in your purse and you’re outside all day) they can melt a little and smudge in the tube
Overall though, this is a great product! I love these. I think I have most of the colors I want…..well maybe I’d still buy “creme brulee”….maybe. haha
Price: $6.49 at Target, $7.49 at Ulta, $7.99 at CVS
I’d pick them up at target or walmart because they’re generally more cheaper there. And they’re definitely worth their price. Plus they’re not too expensive either.

Just a little bit more about them, and my favorites…
This is probably my favorite out of all of them, 030 Fig Jam. It looks pretty dark and scary and weird looking in the tube since its straight up brown, but the color is really nice on the lips! It gives off a kind of muted red color. It’s definitely more of a mature color but its not too dark so its appropriate for everyday wear.

This is 025 Pink Parfait.  I like it, but I just wanted to warn people about the glittery-ness. haha Its PACKED with little bits of gold glitter, and it looks nice when you first apply it, but as the day goes on the glitter starts to transfer from your lips to around your mouth….so be careful, make sure you check the mirror periodically.

And finally, this is 015 Tutti Frutti. This is my favorite summer lipbutter shade. Fig Jam is more of an autumn/winter color, but this is the exact opposite. It is straight up orange but it looks nice on your lips.  It warms up your face  but it doesn’t give you the “i-just-ate-an-orange-popsicle” kinda look. haha

I’d be happy to answer any other questions about them so let me know if you have any questions :)

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