Korres Lip Butters

My lips get chapped very easily so I'm always on the hunt for good lip balms. These are my recent lip balm purchases.  I bought these from sephora since they had a holiday set from korrres which was a very good deal - so I couldn't pass it up.
They came in a pack of three but I gave one away to my friend. The package was $25. Normally each one costs $12 with 6g (0.21oz) of product.

The ones I have are:
Wild Rose/Rose Sauvage (bottom picture, top swatch): bright red on your lips the color pulls a little bit more darker.
Pomegranate/Grenade(bottom picture, bottom swatch): light pink, on your lips it makes my lips a little bit more light pink than normal.
These are moisturizing and on top of that they're very pigmented!! The colors actually show up on my lips and they don't fade weird either. I love these. The pomegranate one is my favorite since the smell is amazing too. The scent is hard to describe, its sweet but nothing that smells artificial.

The only bad part would be the packaging. I bought the kind that are like tubs...which means if your fingers are germ-y then your basically spreading the germs into the lip balm. That's why it makes it hard to apply outside. However, I know they sell the same shades in tube form so I'm definitely picking up the pomegranate tube soon. (The tube type  - the lip butter glaze retails for $14).

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