Old Mascaras

This isn't really going to be a review but as I was looking through my makeup collection, I realized that I seem to hold onto old mascaras...I just can't throw them away even though I don't use them....so I thought I'd share some of the mascaras I've used over the past year or two:

There are some Japanese brand mascaras mixed in but I'd say most of them are from the drugstore in the US. (I don't buy high-end mascaras, you have to replace them so often I think its a waste of money)

Anyways, I also wanted to say that it's recommended to replace mascaras after 3 months of using them. Sometimes I use them for longer but once they start to get too clumpy, smell funky, or the color changes, stop using them.   And I wouldn't recommend sharing mascaras either. 

Another side note, I really like Japanese fiber mascaras.  They give my Asian lashes a little bit more length. I would definitely recommend the Majorica Majolica lash expander (4th from the right) and the Fasio ultra curl lock mascara long (2nd from the left).

If you want to know how I felt about a particular mascara or a more in-depth review, leave me a comment and I'd love to reply!

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