Jelly Sandwich Nails Inspired By hollyannaeree

Just a quick post about my recent manicure.
I saw this on hollyannaeree's blog a couple of days ago and I wanted to try this out.

The process is really simple.
  1. base coat
  2. light coat of light pink/almost clear-ish polish
  3. a couple coats of glitter polish (I did 3) - this glitter polish was really hard to work with.
  4. a couple coats of the same light pink polish
  5. top coat

 I also added some extra glitter with the ducato nail glitter that I bought in Japan. I didn't take a picture of my base/top coat but I used seche vite.
Essie in Mademoiselle and Spoiled in Pet my Peacock

I had a really hard time working with the Spoiled polish. It was super goopy and the glitter was hard to get on my nail.  However, the glitter particles are really pretty. 

And I'm really happy with how well this turned out! It's different from just using glitter polish and I love how the glitter particles look "trapped" inside the polish. Plus, with the layers of light pink polish and the top coat, your nails are really smooth too :)

I also love watching hollyannaeree's youtube videos and she also has an amazing blog.  I would definitely recommend watching her videos / visiting her blog!

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