Sephora Haul

My package from Sephora arrived yesterday!! A little valentines day present to myself I guess. Haha

The things I ordered:
  • Urban Decay naked basics palette (finally!)
  • Korres lipglaze in pomegranate
  • Vera Wang princess perfume rollerball

Samples that I got:
  • Chloe (I have the bottle already, LOVE this scent)
  • Dolce & Gabbana light blue
  • Marchesa
  • Lancome - La vie est belle
  • Stella McCartney - L.i.l.y
  • Narciso Rodriguez for her

I am so excited that I finally have the naked basics palette!! I think I'll be using this everyday for next couple of weeks. Haha But I'm also really excited about my other purchases as well.

I had always wanted the Vera Wang princess perfume since it came out but I never committed to buying it. So finally I caved and just bought a rollerball. Its such a sweet and girly scent without having a super vanilla-y smell. I have the Flower princess and Night Princess perfumes but not the original... maybe if I use up the rollerball I'll actually buy the big bottle.

And as I said before in my Korres lip butter review, I am in love with the pomegranate scent and color so I had to get the glaze so I could apply it without washing my hands all the time. (The lip butter comes in a tub). 

Coming home to a sephora package is the best :)  (even though I ordered it...Haha)
I'm definitely going to be doing a review post on the naked basics palette so if you want to be updated with things about my blog (and random stuff that I sometimes tweet...haha) my twitter account for this blog is: beautinstitches
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