Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active Lipgloss

This lipgloss was actually part of my birthday present from my aunt last summer. I saw this lipgloss on pretty much all the magazines that I bought in Japan and it seemed really popular so I wanted to try it.

The Dior website explains this gloss as:
Dior presents a revolutionary lip care system that boosts volume instantly and restructures in the long term, thanks to a unique blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that smooth, moisturize and leave lips irresistibly plump. Apply under regular lipstick or gloss for volume and shine, or morning and night as a 15-day intensive cure. Its fresh mint-vanilla scent makes it even more addictive.

I have 001, I saw on the website that they have a shade 002 Apricot, but haven't used that one.  In the tube 001 looks like milky baby pink color, but on your lips its basically clear.  The packaging is the typical Dior gloss package. It comes with 6ml of product and has a doe foot applicator.
This gloss doesn't give you any color. I just have the gloss on in this picture.

Now, on to what I think...
I love this gloss!!! It doesn't have a weird scent,  moisturizes my lips well, isn't too sticky, and it doesn't make my lips peel. I can't really vouch for the lip maximizing factor though...it does make your lips tingle when you apply it (I love that feeling. But some people may dislike it). I also haven't tried the 15 day intensive cure...but I'm sure if you apply this everyday day and night, your lips will definitely be in better shape.  Most of the time I just use this gloss by itself since I like how natural it looks by itself.

The only down side of this gloss is the price.  I would use this everyday if it wasn't so expensive... at $30 for a tube I think this is the most expensive gloss in my lipgloss collection right now. 

Definitely check this gloss out if you get a chance! I don't think I would just buy it randomly since I am a college student with a low budget, but maybe for a special occasion it would be a nice treat for yourself :) haha

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