NYX Cream Blushes

These are the first cream blushes that I've ever tried so I don't really have anything to compare them with.....So this is going to be a pretty quick review.

These are the NYX Cream Blushes:
 I have 2 of the 8 shades, 05 Glow (top picture, left) and 09 Orange (top picture, right)
I bought these two from cherryculture.com for $6.75 but Ulta has them for $5.99

I don't know how to describe these colors...they're straight up pink and orange. haha So rather than trying to explain the colors, here are the swatches. The top color is 09 Orange and the bottom is 05 Glow

This is one dab of cream blush with no blending. (above)
This is after blending / vigorous scrubbing. haha(above)

I don't know if other cream blushes are like this, but these are VERY pigmented.  If you put too much on, its really hard to blend out later to a softer color.  So use a light hand when applying or else your blush will look too bright and that isn't a look most people go for. 

  • very pigmented - could also be a con
  • long lasting wear
  • not drying - even though the packaging is flimsy the product hasn't dried out.
  • good price
  • flimsy packaging - the lid doesn't really close tightly on one of them
  • very pigmented - could be hard to work with
  • a little hard to blend out - it might just be me but I think they're a little hard to blend
Overall, I would say these were a good purchase.  But after using these I've realized that I prefer powder blushes over cream ones in general. haha I think cream blushes work well with drier skin since powders can look a little cake-y.  So if you're looking for a cheap cream blush with good pigmentation you should give these a try.  I don't think I'd repurchase these though since I'm not going to hit pan anytime soon.

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