Spring Break Day 8

Only one more day left of spring break ><

I went to bed super late last night, so I woke up really late this morning...which set back my schedule for everything. haha

In the morning I worked a little bit more on my paper that I was working on later and later in the afternoon I looked over some Statistics notes for my midterm that's coming up next week.

No OOTD for today since I just lazed around in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. haha

I also didn't bother putting on makeup either since my skin needs to rest and plus, I just stayed at home for today:) I love putting on makeup but its also good to have those days for your skin to breathe. haha

I also got a confirmation e-mail from ipsy that I'm on the glambag list now:) I was on the wait list for a while so that's exciting! I also ordered a 3 month subscription to glossybox too! I'm excited to get these in the mail! I'll definitely do a review once these come:)


そして、glossy boxっていう同じようなサイトにも今日登録しちゃったw
3ヶ月間のやつで$60だった。でも、結構いろんなサンプル・ミニサイズのものが届くからそれも楽しみー♪ 届いたら即レビューするつもりですw

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