Matte + Glossy Tip Nails

I finally had time to paint my nails!!
I'm sorry my nails are kind of messy in that picture, I didn't take a lot of time to paint them. haha

It's been a while because I just don't have the time to let my nails dry completely before doing something and when I get impatient, they get smushed. haha

This time I used my matte nail polish topcoat and did the glossy tips + matte base nail art that I was talking about in my matte nail polish review post.  I chose an orange base instead of a dark color because I wanted to get in the spring mood:)

I used:
  • Essie - Mango Bango
  • Revlon - Matte Top Coat
  • No base coat this time.

The steps are REALLY EASY - you just need the base color, matte top coat and tape.
  1. Apply a clear base coat on your nails, or if you are like me and just want to skip this step paint the base color on your nails. This color has to have a glossy finish.
  2. If you used a clear base coat then after that dries, paint your nails with the color of your choice.
  3. Wait for the color coat to dry completely. If you don't, then the tape can peel of the nail polish underneath.
  4. Take a piece of tape and place it on the tip of your nails (or where you would like the color to be glossy - the size of the "french" tip) Make sure that the tape is not loose at the bottom or else the matte top coat will creep up into the taped area and the line will be jagged. It also helps if you stick the tape on the back of your hand a couple times to get rid of the super stickiness before you stick it on your nail.
  5. Apply the matte top coat over your entire nail, it can get on the tape too, then slowly peel back the tape and voila! you will have perfect french tips:)
Do you guys like this nail art? (I guess it's not really "nail art" but...)
I love how it looks and plus its super easy to do so I'm excited to try this out with different base colors :D

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