Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

A Lip Product Review!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

I bought this at ULTA for $5.99 a while back.  I first saw beautycrush (her youtube channel) using it in one of her tutorials and it looked so good on her that I wanted to get it too. haha

This product is nothing like the other products that I have.  It comes in a package that's  a little bit bigger than the MAC Lipglasses.  It comes with 0.23 oz of product and it has a doe foot applicator, except its not really gloss inside...It's almost like a mousse.  It applies on your lips very smooth and evenly.  It's the weirdest feeling because its not sticky at all but it feels like you're putting on lipgloss.  It has a vanilla scent that is pretty strong, I don't mind it but some people may.  The scent goes away after you apply it so it's not too bad.
I really like how this product isn't a gloss or a liquid lipstick, it's kind of in between. I also like the feeling of how this applies. The color is very opaque and bright. I also love the matte finish.  

The only down side to this would probably be how it wears off.  It wears fine if you don't eat/drink anything but that's not really possible, so you definitely have to touch up if you are going to wear it all day long.  For me, it wears off closer to the inside of my lips, so the outside border of my lips will be okay (so in the end I guess it could look like lip liner, I've always touched up but if I didn't touch up, I think you'd get that look. haha)

I would also avoid using this product when you have dry lips because matte finishes can emphasize the dryness on your lips. 

Here's a swatch:
As you can see it's very opaque and the finish is matte (hence the name) haha

Overall, I would recommend this product.  It's such an interesting product.  But, you do need to touch up so if you don't have time to do that during the day, or you don't like to touch up then I wouldn't get this product.  I think I saw fromheadtotoe talking the color Amsterdam in one of her videos and I want to try that one next:)  

Have you guys tried these? Did you like it? Any other interesting lip products that I should try out?

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