Spring Break Day 4 - Out with my Mom

Spring Break Day 4

I didn't have work today so I spent the day running errands with my mom. We went all over the place: TJ Maxx, Bath and Body Works, Trader Joes, and Target (again). haha

Today's Shopping Haul:

When I went to TJ Maxx I found a cute earring/necklace stand and I just had to get it. It was originally $26 but I bought it for $12.99! (I put some of my jewelry on it and I love it<3) I also picked up a pair of the eyelure Katy Perry false lashes. I've never tried these and they seemed pretty natural looking.
I also took some pictures while I was there:
A cute Nine West purse I found.
And some crazy shoes that I just had to try on. I actually like how the bottom one looks, just not the hot pink part.
I want a trenchcoat like this that ties at the waist :D

I didn't buy anything at Bath and Body Works, but they had a new line called "fresh picked" and the apple smell was amazing.

Trader Joes was just grocery shopping. Pretty flowers at Trader Joes, but its not spring yet...grrr.

Aaaand Target. I wasn't intending on buying anything but...I found a cute peplum top that was pretty cheap ($19.99) and I picked up Ceravae for the dry patches of I keep on getting that won't go away :/ Giant Easter Bunny Chocolates at Target! haha

Here's my OOTD:
It was so cold outside >< 
Black H&M jeans, white sweater (F21?), and light blue infinity scarf (F21), longchamp bag.

Here's my FOTD:
I used my new Physicians Formula lip gloss:) 

That's about it for today! I think I'll get some studying done tonight. maybe. haha