Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach

This product was in my Spring Break 2013 Shopping list :)
and...I finally got it! 

Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Light Peach
$23 at Sephora
(Sorry for the fingerprints on the packaging ><)

I first saw this product in a Japanese magazine.  I think I saw Sasaki Nozomi using it and she/the magazine recommended this for people that have prominent dark circles. So I immediately wanted to try it out. I wanted to swatch the shades before I purchased it so I went to a Sephora and since I thought that peach was a little too dark, and decided on light peach.  

希ちゃんが使ってるって紹介してて、くまにきくよーって書いてたから、即メモして買おう!って決めてたww そして、色を決めるためにお店で色を比べて、最終的にピーチよりライト・ピーチのほうが合うなって思って、ライト・ピーチにしたw

  • Long Lasting - doesn't disappear during the day. 一日中崩れなかった、朝パウダーでセットしてから化粧直し不要
  • Compact packaging 小さくて持ち運びやすい
  • Has good coverage カバー力=○
  • Brightens up the under eye area - not a miracle product, but it definitely helps 目の下を明るくしてくれる、ただ、完璧に隠せる!ってわけじゃないw
  • Lots of product 小さいのに、全然なくならない、他にもボビーブラウンのコンシーラーを持っていて、すっごく長い間使っているのに、全然減ってるように見えない
  • A little price-y 値段がちょっと高め、日本で買ったら多分もっと高め
  • May be a little unhygienic if you use your finger to apply it (like me). 私みたいに毎回指で塗る人は手をきれいにしてからじゃないと、直接手を入れるから汚れとかが入りそう
Overall, I'm happy with this purchase :) I've been using it everyday for my dark circles, and it definitely makes a difference. I can tell! haha


If anyone has anyone questions about this, please leave a comment :)

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