Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche

Today's post is going to be about one of my all time favorite perfumes: Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche. 

 今日の記事は私の好きな香水の1つについてです♪:フローラ バイ グッチ オーフレッシュ オードトワレ
I discovered this scent through a sample that was in my Sephora order and as soon as I was close to finishing the sample, I ran out to go buy the bottle.  That's how obsessed I am with this scent. haha 
My other favorite is Chloe but that one is more "heavier" so I use this one for when I want a light fresh scent. 


I have the 1.0 fl oz one which was $49 at Sephora. 
私は1 fl ozのボトルを持ってます。Sephoraで$49でした
It also comes in a 2.5 fl oz bottle which is $85. pretty expensive...
2.5fl ozのボトルもあります。でも、$85・・・

I'm pretty bad at describing scents...so this probably isn't going to be the best description but....This is a mixture of floral + a little fruity.
that's a pretty bad description. haha

On the Sephora website:
Born of youthful elegance and subtle sensuality, Flora Eau Fraiche adds a bright, citrusy element to the Gucci fragrance family. The fragrance's mandarin top notes mingle with the piquant vibrancy of kumquat and bergamot fruit. In the heart notes, a transparent floral scent glimmers against an elegant base, one that blends an edgy peppery note with a warm touch of sandalwood. 

Citrus Accords, Kumquat, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Patchouli. 
Playful. Fruity. Floral.
香水の主な香りは:柑橘系、キンカン、シャクヤク、バラ、モクセイ、(pink pepperの訳が分かりませんでした)、白檀材、パチョリだそうです。半分以上なんなのか分からないですが、とにかく柑橘系フルーツ+花の香りを取り入れた香水みたいですw あまり組み合わせは気にせず、とにかくいい香りなのでお気に入りです。

I completely agree with the above description even though I don't know what half of the "notes" smell like. But anyways, this smells amazing!!

I know everyone has different tastes in scents so I would definitely go smell it before you buy it but if you're looking for a light floral-y citrus-y spring scent, I would check this one out :D


Just a little side note, this one is different from the original Flora by Gucci. Even though the bottles look similar, the perfume in "eau fraiche" has a light green tint. I got them confused at first when I was looking for which one my sample was.


Do you guys have any perfumes that you would recommend? 



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