Essie In Stitches

First nail polish review I think...?

This review is going to be about one of my favorite Essie polishes.  I fell in love with the color BYO Boy by the Sephora OPI nail polish that my friend had, and I saw this Essie color that looked exactly like it so I picked it up.

Essie is usually $7.79 at target and sometimes a but more expensive at CVS or Walgreens (around $8).
I guess they can be classified as higher-end nail polishes, but I think that the formula is good enough to say that paying the higher price is worth it.

Most of them are very opaque and there is no streaky-ness. (there are a couple exceptions in my Essie collection though) They also have a longer wear time than my other cheaper nail polishes. And even when they chip, whole chunks don't peel off your nail. They dry with a glossy finish but I usually put top coat on anyways.
The only thing I wish they would change is the brush.  I like flatter and thicker brushes, kind of like the ones that come with the new wet and wild nail polishes or the salon perfect sally hansen polishes.  But, Essie brushes aren't bad - they're small,  I just wish they were thicker and flatter.
I think In Stitches is a perfect girly color without being too bold, its sophisticated and goes with everything. Its more of a darker pinkish mauve/rose color and I LOVE it. It's opaque and not streaky.  I liked it so much that it's actually why it's part of my blog title - Beauty In Stitches. haha

I know some people really love OPI instead of Essie but I think I'm an Essie fan. They are about the same price so I'd suggest checking both out and seeing which brand you prefer. 

Do you guys have any Essie color recommendations? I'm still looking to add to my Essie collection. I might do an Essie collection post later on:)

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