Spring Break Day 6

Only 3 more days left of break ><

I went out to lunch with a friend and I also went out to dinner with a friend...too much eating good food is making me fat...hahaha I'm telling myself that after spring break I'm going to go back on a healthy diet with smaller portions. (maybe...haha)
今日は勉強はせずに・・・笑 お昼と夜ご飯両方外で友達と食べてきたー。最近外食多すぎて太っちゃうよ。だから春休み終わったら健康な食生活に戻る!って決めてるんだけど、続くか分からないww

I also went to the Japanese supermarket since it was having a big sale and my mom wanted me to pick up some groceries. The place was packed and crazy. 

I didn't take an OOTD today so here are the jewelry pieces that I was wearing today. They're both pretty simple pieces that go with everything so I love them both.
I don't wear the necklace everyday, but I wear my ring everyday.

Today's FOTD:
I used my naked basics palette and on my lips a korres lip butter in pomegranate.
I wish the dry patches would go away ><
アイシャドーはUrban DecayのNaked Basicsをつかって、リップはKorresのlip butter (pomegranate)。早く肌の乾燥が治ってほしいよー

Good night:)

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