Benefit High Beam and Benetint

I think these are my recently "re-discovered" favorites.
Benefit High Beam and Benefit Benetint
I got these a while ago when Sephora came out with their exclusive benefit lip and cheek kits. I  had always wanted to try high beam and benetint but I couldn't make myself buy the full size so I bought the kit that had both so I could try them.
I got the Sugarlicious Lip and Cheek Kit which was  $28 at Sephora (Sephora Exclusive).
It came with: 
- 0.13 oz Benetint
- 0.1 oz Sugarbomb
- 0.13 oz High Beam
- 0.22 oz Ultra Plush Sugarbomb
- Mini powder brush

I originally really liked High Beam since this was my first ever liquid highlight.  But I just stopped using it suddenly and as for Benetint I never really tried it out...haha I used it once on my cheeks when I bought it and I didn't like it much and then I used it on my lips and it dried them out so both of these got pushed towards the back of the drawer. haha

But, for some reason in February I decided to start using these again and this time I'm really enjoying benetint too. I still don't use it as a lip stain because this dries my lips out.  But for my cheeks, benetint gives me a really nice flush. And since it is a cheek stain, it stays vibrant all day long:) Sometimes I layer a blush over it as well but I love how it looks on its own.  In the bottle it looks a little scary but it doesn't dry dark.  I also like the smell of Benetint, it reminds me a little of mint. haha
High Beam is a nice liquid highlight that has a pink/silver undertone.  I had always used a powder highlight so this was a nice change.  I haven't tried other liquid highlights so I can't really compare this with anything else, but I think it's nice.  It blends well and it shows up on my skin.


The benetint swatch in the second picture is hard to tell, but it shows that it blends in nicely and it just gives you a little bit of color.  You could always layer it to make it darker but I like how it looks with just one layer.

To use these I just dab little dots on my cheeks and then rub it in/blend with my fingers.  Same technique for high beam as well. Just dab dots on where you want your highlight to be - bridge of your nose, upper area of cheekbones, etc and then blend.

Overall I would recommend both of these products.  But I don't think I would purchase the full sizes first. I'd try them out in a kit like this one and see if you like them because the full sizes have a lot of product in them and are pretty expensive.  (Benetint: $30 High Beam: $26) And if I was just going to get one, I'd get benetint.  I'm thinking about repurchasing benetint when I run out of this sample size.  But, so far I haven't even finished off a quarter of it so it'll be a while.

Do you guys have any liquid highlighter recommendations? I'm looking to try some new ones out. and What do you guys think of High Beam/Benetint?

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