Spring Break Day 1 - Shopping

Yesterday I spent the day with my best friend who is also on spring break right now and we went on a much needed shopping trip. Haha

We left around noon to head to the nearest mall area and looked around some stores.  I always love looking in H&M and Forever 21 but I didn't find much stuff...I bought a light striped mint sweater in large so I could wear it loose. AND, the most exciting purchase - my Longchamp Bag!!!! :D

I was so excited about my Le Pliage that I used it when we went out after shopping.   haha

and I decided to get Navy because I love blue and it goes with everything:)

So I got two items off of my spring break shopping list and I'm pretty satisfied with both purchases. I'm excited for more shopping though!

I have work, homework and studying left to do but...I just won't think about that now...haha

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