MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks

Another MAC lipstick review post :D
This time I'm reviewing the cremesheen finish lipsticks that I own.
I only own two Crosswires (left) and Lickable (right)
MAC lipsticks are $15 each.

Like the name suggests, they are very creamy and smooth with a great color payoff. Both of the colors I own are vibrant looking in the tube but they're more brighter on your lips.

Left: Lickable, Right: Crosswires

I think they both are really nice summer-y bold colors and I love wearing them. I think I wear Crosswires much more though.  It's a little bit more wearable of the two.  I think I stated in my MAC Amplified Lipstick Review that sometimes I will dab the color on instead of applying it fully to get a toned down color and I use the same technique with these too.  Also, these have some tiny glitter particles in them.  Not a crazy amount but it is noticeable.

Like I said before, MAC lipsticks are my favorite so I don't have anything bad about them to say and these aren't an exception.  I can't wait until it gets warmer so I can wear more brighter colors:) I like Cremesheen finishes but they aren't my most favorite will be coming up soon. (I think...haha)

Do you guys like to wear bright lip colors? Have you tried any Cremesheen finishes that you would recommend? 


  1. Cremesheen is my favorite range of MAC lipsticks! I love these two shades *A*

    1. I can't wait to start wearing them more when it gets more sunny-er outside:) haha