Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

This is straying from the topic of all things makeup related, but I am a person that cannot function without my planner/agenda.  I do have a smart phone so I could use  the calender app for that but there's something about having everything written out on paper. haha

My love for planners started in middle school since we got "school" planners to use. and I religiously used mine. haha We also got planners in high school too.
Now that I'm in college I've branched out and started to buy planners that I like - in other words: they have to be cute. Something about cute planners makes me want to carry it around and do stuff on it. haha (not all the time though.)

Freshman year I used a planner I got in Japan:

This year I picked up a planner from Target:

Some things I look for in planners:
  • Yearly calender and monthly calender
  • Lots of space to write on the weekly calender part
  • Space on the monthly calender view to write stuff in
  • A notes section, preferably a section per month
  • Divided tabs for each month
I usually don't use the "contacts" section or the "resources" that planners have in the back but I don't mind having them either.  

Now, on to the main reason why I wrote this post:
One of the girls I sat next to in class had the cutest planner EVER and it was a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda....and I knew that next year I would have to get one.  It fits all the things I want in a planner and the design is too cute. Right now I could only find the 2012-2013 ones so as soon as they come out with a 2013-2014 one, I am getting it! haha
I really like the navy print one so hopefully they have the same print or a similar one for next year.  

Do you guys use planners? or Do you have any cute planners you would recommend? :)

*UPDATE 5/29/2013*

The 2013-2014 agendas are available for pre-order on the lilly pulitzer website :D


  1. I think the next Lilly agendas will be revealed in May, and available for pre-order soon after. The first date in the agenda will be August though. They are seriously the best agendas. Follow them on facebook and you will get all the info. :)

    PS They seem to have a navy one every year, but hard to say about this year. I can't wait to see the news ones!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I didn't know when they were revealed or when I could pre-order them,so that was really helpful :D

      I will definitely be pre-ordering them as soon as possible. haha

  2. Haha me too. I'm glad it was helpful. :)


    Sneak peak, should be available for pre-order in June. :)

    1. thank you so much!!

      I love the navy one!! I like it more than the one they had last year, I can't wait to pre-order :)

  4. Yes, I agree. I don't really like navy (I'm a pink girl) but the navy one this year is one of my favorites.