Spring Break Day 3 - FOTD and OOTD, lunch

Spring Break Day 3!

I went out to lunch and Target with my friends and then work.
The temperature wasn't too bad, but it was raining so that made it a little gloomy.

Here's my FOTD:
FOTD(Face of the Day)直訳すと、「今日の顔」www

Products Used(使ったもの):
I just stuck with minimal eyeshadow and eyeliner and used orange on my lips to match my orange nails :) I also forgot to take a picture of my mascara, I used L'oreal's beauty tubes mascara and falsies on top.
今日はあんまり派手にしなくて、シャドーもラインもシンプルに。リップはネイルとあわせてオレンジ系にした。写真にマスカラを入れるの忘れちゃったけど、L'oreal beauty tubesマスカラを使って、上につけまつげ。

And here's an attempt of me trying to take an OOTD picture. haha
My mirror was dirty and since it was raining I didn't have good lighting either:/

次はOOTD(outfit of the day)これは直訳でも大丈夫かな、「今日の洋服」みたいな。
I'm pretty sure everything that I'm wearing is from Forever 21. Maybe not the tights, I don't remember.....
今日の服は全部Forever 21で買ったものだと思うー。

I bought some things at target, so a mini haul :)
I'm excited to try out all of these things! I found the Physicians Formula lipgloss in the sale section and it's supposed to change color based on the pH or something. pretty cool. 
とくに、Physicians FormulaのリップグロスはpHによって色が変わるみたいなの、しかも安売りだったから買っちゃった。

That's about it for today, good night!

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