Empties #1

One of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are the empties videos.  My simple idea about empties videos = if they used it up, they must have liked it enough. haha

So, I've been saving up some products I've finished so I could do an empties post:D

I buy so many beauty items but never seem to be able to finish them. Maybe by doing empties posts, it'll encourage me to use up all my products?

So here are the products:
#1. C.O. Bigelow Rose Lip Salve ($5.50):
I bought this from bath and body works a looooooong time ago. I think I finished this up a couple months ago (during the winter months) but I held on to it. I liked how it smelled, like roses, but I think it smells different from the Smiths's Rosebud lip salve (I've only seen it in stores so I can't compare these two).  The texture is very thick and gives your lips a nice shine.  I usually put it on before bed or before doing my makeup so that by the time I'm done with my face and eye makeup, my lips are moisturized.
I don't know if I'll repurchase, I kind of want to try the Smith's Rosebud Lip salve next

#2. Elf eyelid primer ($1): I did a blog post on this here.  This lasted me for quite a while, about a year I think.  I might repurchase after I use up my Too Faced and Urban Decay eyeshadow primers.  

#3. St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin lotion (around $5.00):
This took forever to use up....but I can proudly say I'm done! I didn't really like the smell...it's hard to describe...it's not fruity or floral-y or sweet...Just lotion like. haha (I'm so bad at explaining scents >_<)  But, this was a good lotion.  I used it mostly for legs and it kept them moisturized throughout the day. I liked this lotion so much I bought another St. Ives lotion (different scent) to replace this one.

#4. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in black brown ($3.99):
I think I can call this as almost done? I'll probably use it until I can't sharpen it anymore but the last time I tried, it was already pretty difficult.  This is a great drugstore brow pencil.  It stays on all day and has a brush to buff out the pencil lines.  The brush end is a little stiff though.  I know I'll repurchase this soon:)

#5. Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long($13.30 here):
This is a Japanese brand mascara, I think Fasio is part of the Kose brand.  But I'm not sure.  I saw this mascara in Japan and since I wanted a mascara that would add a lot of length, I decided to try this one.  This is a fiber mascara but I didn't have any problems with the fibers flaking off during the day.  This mascara was also really waterproof/ long wearing.  I found it a little hard to take off if I did too many coats of it.  As for the curling power...it didn't do much for my stick straight Asian lashes :/ I don't think I'll buy it again, maybe the non-waterproof version so it's easier to take off.

 I put this in my empties because even though I haven't used it up, it started to smell weird and I've moved on to other mascaras.  I don't think I've "used up" a mascara, I change my mascaras out pretty often (about every 3 months). I'm also not really sure how you tell if you've used up a tube of mascara...hm... anyways, I'm straying from topic. haha

So 5 products for my first empties post :)
I don't think I could do this every month, but hopefully once every couple months? I hope you guys enjoyed this post:D

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