Random Post #3

hi guys!

I hope you are having a great summer:)

I think I'm a bit late, but congratulations to anyone who graduated!
Before summer session school started..... haha
I had a week break after finals at the end of May, and now I'm back at school again for summer session classes >_<  school is never ending.....gah

I don't know if I mentioned this before on my blog but I'm a 3rd year (college) student hoping to graduate with an Accounting and Japanese degree.  Since I'm trying to finish two degrees, I have to do some extra GEC (general education courses) to graduate on time (hopefully in 2015!). Aaaaand that brings us back to where I am right now, taking summer classes and having no break from school. haha

On the flip side, I'm only taking 3 classes :D
2 business courses: Business Law and International Business
1 science GEC course: PHYSICS.

Business law is pretty interesting so far, the professor is a bit intimidating and the work load is heavy but class is interesting and I kind of enjoy reading that textbook. (note: kind of enjoy meaning I would rather not but if I had to, the textbook is interesting. haha)

International Business is .... hmm.... I thought it would be an "easy A" kind of class but the chapter that I just read today about the different theories of international business was WAY too complicated. The professor is a bit behind the syllabus already so I don't know how fast the class will move.

and finally.... Physics.  I think I forgot to mention that I am NOT a science-y person.  To all the science people in the world, I really wish I had your brain.  I took the introduction to Biology course fall semester of last year and I had to work really hard to keep us with the class :/  Non-science people have to take a couple science courses and I'm stuck taking physics....The class is moving so fast too.  I just finished the first week of classes and we're already on chapter 4 -_-

I do like math though.  I've only taken up to calc 2 and a couple stats classes but I haven't had too much trouble in those.  The main problem with physics is setting up the problem correctly. If I can get there, I usually don't have a problem....meh.

With my lovely projectile motion and kinematic equation notes! just kidding....
Sorry for the really ramble-y post, I like writing these types of posts too though:)

I don't know how frequently I'll be updating while I have classes but I don't plan on not blogging at all. Maybe a little less frequently than normal? I guess it's all up to how well I stay on top of my school work :P

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