i.d. Bare Minerals Blush in Horizon

I picked up this Bare Minerals Blush a couple weeks ago(?) and I've been loving it so much I decided it needed a separate review. haha

This was my first Bare Minerals product.  I've always been interested in their foundations but I haven't tried them yet.  But after trying out this blush and liking it so much, I might go and buy one soon.  To anyone who has tried their foundations, would you recommend it? 

Anyways, back to the blush. This was my first mineral blush as well.  The packaging is really different from all the other blushes I own.  It's a little hard to describe so here's a picture below.

 The first time I used it, I used a normal blush brush but the brush got way more product than I needed and I had a crazy amount of blush... To avoid that, I've started to use a stippling brush with this product.  Stippling brush + using a light hand = perfect amount of blush.
Sorry for the dirty brush, but this is the elf stippling brush.

The color that I have is Horizon, a burnt orange color.  I was on a hunt for an orange blush and that's when I stumbled across this one:) it was perfect timing. haha

 Swatch with outdoor lighting:
 Swatch with indoor lighting:

Overall, I'm really satisfied with my purchase.  The pigmentation is great to the point where it's super easy to over-apply blush.  The blush lasts on me for a good 6 hours or so,  I definitely notice fading at the end of the day.  But it doesn't fade splotchy so that's also a plus. 

Recently I feel like whenever I buy a new blush, I already have that color in my collection so I don't know if I'll buy another blush from bare minerals soon, but I would if I find a color that I really like.

Orange blush is great for summer so I'm excited to use this a lot during the summer time:)

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