Amazon Order

Last week a placed an amazon order on some Red Cherry Lashes and some nail art studs :) My lashes came first so here's a quick review of them.  I'll probably end up doing a more in-depth review later.

I got 3 pairs of the #747XS style and 6 pairs of #601
For a total of about $17.00 (I think)

The #747XS's add a lot of volume. The length is natural but the volume makes them a little bit fake looking.

The #601's looked pretty natural online but they add quite a bit of length.  I trimmed some of the length off one of them and I'm wearing them today.  They look really natural with the trimmed length :D

The thing I like about these is the clear lash band and it makes them comfortable to wear. The lashes are also made with 100% human hair so they're really soft feeling.  I think the #601's will be great for everyday wear:)

Since these are my first Red Cherry lashes, I haven't tried the other styles (there are so many!).  Let me know if there are some styles I should check out next :D


  1. Oh these lashes look really nice! o: I have to find them on Amazon now! xD Thanks for sharing~ Can't wait to see your nail goodies when they come in!

    1. Thank you for your comment:)

      Red Cherry lashes are cheap and they had lots of styles on amazon, so I'd definitely check them out! and I can't wait for my nail art studs to come in too >_<