June Favorites 2013

After doing an "empties" post, I realized that I also like watching monthly favorites videos/hits and misses videos on YouTube as well. Sooo I thought, why not incorporate them into my blog too? Haha

So here's my first favorites post! (Plus some disappointing products at the end.)

1. Buxom lip glosses - I bought my first one and then I just could not wait to get my hands on more.  I have three in total now and I've used them religiously over this past month. They give you a tingly feeling, a light sweet minty scent and great color and shine.  The price is a little expensive ($19) but its worth trying out.  *warning* If you don't like the plumping glosses, you probably won't like these.  I will definitely do a separate blog post on these!

#2. I.d. bare minerals blush in horizon - I also bought this product this month, and I've been using this a lot this month too.  I usually drift toward orange colors for cheeks and lips for the summer and this has been my go-to blush.  I already did a separate review on this blush: here

#3. Benefit Sun Beam - I got a sample size of this that came in a pack of 3 at Sephora, and I had originally gotten the pack for Benefit's Cha Cha Tint...but sun beam is amazing!! I think it matches my skin more than moon beam since it has a golden sheen to it.  I usually use this to highlight the bridge of my nose and cheek bones and I love the subtle shimmer it gives.  I might end up buying the full size when I run out.  

Not so favorites:
#1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I don't know if this caused me to break out, but I had a pretty bad skin reaction/break out around the time I started to use this....which scared me off, and I haven't pulled it out to use it again.  My skin is relatively back to normal and I keep hearing good things about this powder, so I might retry sometime, but as for now it's going to be in my "not so favorites"  I do hear a lot of people talking about how they like this product though, maybe my skin was just too sensitive?

2. Hard Candy Glamoflauge - this is the thickest concealer I've ever used and I just can't make it look un-cakey on my face.  It is really heavy duty so it hides imperfections but I just don't like how heavy it feels.  I intended to use this for under-eye concealing so the color is a little too light on me as well for covering up blemishes.  I think I'm going to stick to my Bobbi Brown and MUFE concealers.

I wanted to do a hits and misses on just the items I bought in the month of June but I couldn't remember all of them....
so this month's favorites/misses are just in general but I've started to keep track of the items I've bought so for July Favorites I'll have a list of items that I've newly tried out :D

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