MAC Eyeshadows

For some reason I've always thought that  MAC was known for their lipsticks and eye shadows. I don't know if that's really a thing or if I'm making that up....but regardless, today's review is about MAC eye shadows:)

One really good thing about MAC lipsticks and eye shadows is the color variety/selection.  I'm pretty sure that they have mostly all the colors you could ever want.  I only own 3 MAC eye shadows and all of them are neutral everyday colors.
Left to Right: Naked Lunch, Tempting, Show-Stopper

Left to Right: Naked Lunch, Tempting, Show-Stopper

The Finishes
Naked Lunch - Frost : highlighting color for the inner corner
Tempting - Lustre : all over lid color 
Show-Stopper - Matte : crease color, outer V color, or an eyeliner color

$15.00 for the single eye shadow
$12.00 for an eye shadow refill
*I don't think you can get a refill at a MAC counter, only at  MAC stores.

MAC also has a variety of finishes, I only own three of them, so I can't say much about the other finishes, but I think that the finishes are pretty self-explanatory besides maybe the lustre. I would say lustres are very frosty but have more metallic shine to it.  You can see the differences in finish in the indoor lighting swatch photo.

The shadows are very smooth and pigmented, especially the matte.  In my opinion, the lustre finish is the smoothest.  When comparing these to the Urban Decay eye shadows, I feel like the MAC shadow texture is more "dry".  They're both great shadows, but I think you get a better deal with Urban Decay shadows if you are going to buy a palette.

Swatches in outdoor lighting:
Top to Bottom: Show-Stopper, Tempting, Naked Lunch
Swatches in indoor lighting:
Top to Bottom: Show-Stopper, Tempting, Naked Lunch

I've been using these MAC shadows for a pretty long time and I end up coming up to these colors all the time.  So I definitely am happy with these purchases.  But, since I have so many other eye shadow colors/palettes, I probably won't be purchasing more eye shadows unless the color is truly unique and not something that I may have a dupe for.

They are a bit price-y, but if you are going to use these shadows everyday I think these would be a great purchase to get some staple colors. And like I said earlier, MAC also has an amazing selection of bright colors and I would love to try some of those out some day. 

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