Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I know I'm a little late on the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette review but better late than never!
I can't even remember when I got this, but I've had this for a couple months now and it's one of my most used palettes.  The colors are all usable everyday and since they're mostly matte it's easy to create a natural everyday look with this palette.

The palette comes with 6 full sized Urban Decay eyeshadows. And it is $27 at ULTA and Sephora, so it's definitely a good deal since a full size Urban Decay eyeshadow single is $18.

The packaging is very sleek and sturdy.  It has a plastic snap closure that is very secure.  The inside comes with a pretty descent sized mirror that would be useful when applying makeup.  Unlike the Naked Palette, this doesn't have a place to keep a brush. This is actually a pretty small palette.  It sits really nicely in my hand and is great for travel.

L to R: Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint, Crave

  • Venus: this is the only non-matte shadow.  It has a slight sheen, I would say it's similar to a satin finish.  Not white, I would say a light beige.
  • Foxy: Matte, off-white + yellow.  This blends in with my skin tone. Especially in the indoor lighting picture, you can't really see foxy.
  • Walk of Shame: Matte, off-white + pink.

    I use the 3 lighter shades interchangeably to highlight my inner corner.
  • Naked 2: Matte, light tan/brown.  This is included in the Naked 2 palette.
  • Faint: Matte, probably my favorite shade out of the 6.  A straight up matte brown.  
  • Crave: Matte, I use this the least.  I think it's a black eyeshadow but I've seen people describe it as a really dark brown as well.

The shadows are very smooth and creamy even though they are matte.  I've always loved Urban Decay shadows and the shadows in this palette are the same.  The colors apply evenly and they last throughout the day.  However, I do always use an eyeshadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Swatches in outdoor lighting:
From top to bottom: Crave, Faint, Naked 2, Walk of Shame, Foxy, Venus
Swatches in indoor lighting:
From top to bottom: Crave, Faint, Naked 2, Walk of Shame, Foxy, Venus
Overall, I love this palette and I think I use at least one color from this palette everyday but I don't know if this is really necessary if you already have a lot of eyeshadows or both Naked palettes.  I only own the first Naked palette so there are no repeat colors.  If you own the Naked 2 palette, you already have Foxy and Blackout is a matte black which is similar to Venus.

So I guess...what I want to say is...If you are looking for a mostly all matte palette, I would definitely recommend this one:)

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