Milani Eye Tech Eyeliner

I originally bought this eyeliner to replace my MSH love liner (review here) because some how the cap fell off in my makeup bag and I thought the eyeliner dried out... A couple days later, I tried using it and it actually worked again, I am definitely repurchasing.

 Anyways, I bought the Milani Eye Tech Eyeliner in brown as a replacement.  
It's a really small eyeliner. Probably less than 4 in long. It comes in a matte gold sleek packaging which was one reason why I was drawn to it. (always the packaging...haha)
$7.49 on Milani Website
02 Brown

So far I haven't had major problems using this eyeliner.  Sometimes when you get cheap liquid eyeliners the ink starts to skip or the felt tip breaks but none of that has happened.  It glides on pretty smoothly and stays put.  It's definitely not a waterproof eyeliner though.  It comes straight off with water (which can be a good and bad thing I guess).  

The packaging was a little cheap though.  The glue that was holding the cap came off after a week of using it...

I haven't had any problems with it drying out, but I make sure that I screw the cap on really tightly after I use it.  After I bought this, I looked at some other online reviews and people have commented on how easily it dries up.  So far, I haven't had any problems though.  I guess if you didn't notice that the glue on the cap came off, that could lead to you not securing the cap on tightly enough leading to the eyeliner drying out? That's the only explanation that I can think of. haha

The felt tip isn't too small or big.  I think felt tip liners are the easiest to use for making wings.  

Depending on using the tip or the side of the eyeliner, you can change the thickness of the line.  The color isn't dark dark brown.  Which was good for me because I wanted a solid brown colored eyeliner.  If you were looking for a darker brown eyeliner, this probably wouldn't be the one for you.

Overall, I like this eyeliner - I think it's a decent felt tip eyeliner, but I don't think I like it enough to repurchase.  I just feel like its a normal felt tip eyeliner, nothing special and I'd rather try out new eyeliners to see if I can find one that I like more at the drugstore.  I do think felt tip eyeliners are great for beginners though.  They're really easy to use since they're similar to a marker.   
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